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It is now clear for almost everyone (at least in the Java arena) that having a persistent Java application drives to a pain when dealing with storing Java object into a relational database. The mapping is at first a pain for the developers. The mapping layer is not simple to develop, complicated to maintain and is useless regarding the purpose of the application. But that is history now, Java Data Objects is available and allows everyone to develop a 100% Object Oriented and persistent Java application with the easiness of using any data storages without SQL knowledge.

Traditionally, developpers code directly the data access using SQL via JDBC on RDBMS. JDO provides a different approach which provides a lot of advandges such as transparent data access, object-oriented development and easy switch to another data storage. Beginners meets following difficulties to start using this new approach:

  1. Metadata edition and resynchronization after refactoring
  2. Invoke the enhancement before application execution
  3. Each JDO driver provides a different development environment

Versant France saw a real need of a standard development tool :

  1. to ease the developer’s path to JDO.
  2. to keep the freedom of switch between JDO drivers staying in the same development environment.

Although Versant France decided to sponsor an Open Source development so called EclipseJDO that meets these requirements.

This Eclipse plugin makes easy and fast to develop transaction applications in Java using JDO drivers. This tool integrates the JDO enhance command in JDT building process. It gives the developer the necessary toolbox and wizards to make a Java application JDO persistent just by checking boxes, completely integrated within the development life cycle within Eclipse. Of course, it targets to support all JDO compilant drivers.

Main Features :

  • JDO Driver configuration as a separated plugin
  • Project JDO property setup
  • Automatic and incremental bytecode enhancement
  • Manual enhancement launch
  • JDO Metadata file editor
  • Main class creation wizard
  • Java project wizard for JDO
  • Embedded Sun RI 1.0.1

Certified JDO drivers :

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